We want safe, non-toxic candles in our home and yours.

Our candles are clean-burning, phthalates, paraffin, lead and cruelty-free.

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It all started when…

Jill began pouring candles in her family kitchen as a hobby and in pursuit of clean, non-toxic candles. Like many of us, she shares a passion for bringing only the safest, highest quality ingredients around her family. Finding the right non-mass produced candle that wasn’t loaded with paraffins and unknown chemicals felt safest when she could meet the maker in person. This typically meant waiting for the next market or artisan festival where she and her husband would load up on handmade items like body-care products and candles that are made and sourced locally.

Being a creative person at heart with an undying tendency to DIY, waiting for these handmade products became unnecessary. Thus began tons of research: educating herself of the science of scent-blending + wax-melting, essential oil formulas, wax temperatures and pour temperatures, safe, clean wicks, and ethical soy companies that purchase from farms that do not spray pesticides, herbicides or contain GMO residue. And candle production became a regular thing in her Atlanta kitchen. Testing, perfecting, sampling… Kindle was born. 

 Jill curates each fragrance with essential oils and the purest phthalate-free fragrant oil blends, combined with 100% soy wax and pure cotton wicks, that are clean, and safe to burn, for each candle. She tests samples on her helpers, (her twin 7 year old candle enthusiasts) and slowly hand-pours every jar! She is delighted to bring clean, cruelty-free candles into your home.

Enjoy yours the way you like; slowly, with a cup of coffee, glass of wine, a cat in your lap, a book in your hand, at your yoga studio, while meditating, on vacation, cooking dinner… but not at the same time.